Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Horsegirl Ballroom Dance Scene
2. Black Country, New Road Track X
3. Cassandra Jenkins Hard Drive
4. Sarah Mary Chadwick Full Mood
5. Cory Hanson Angeles
6. Beautify Junkyards Reverie
7. The Notwist Into Love Stars
8. William Doyle And Everything Changed (But I Feel Alright)
9. The Peacers Irish Suit
10. Skyway Man Night Walking, Alone
11. Told Slant From The Roofbeams
12. The Weather Station Robber
13. Nightshift Power Cut
14. AZITA Online Life
15. Mica Levi Blue Shit
16. Hand Habits 4th Of July
17. Aubrey Key Flies
18. Lomelda Tommy Dread
19. The Goalie's Anxiety At The Penalty Kick We Love You So Much
20. Bill Stone Charlotte's Town
21. Indigo Sparke Everything Everything
22. Adrianne Lenker Come
23. Katie Von Schleicher Display
24. Aoife Nessa Frances Here In The Dark
25. Sarah Mary Chadwick All Lies
26. Wendy Eisenberg Slow Down