Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Black Country, New Road Bread Song
2. caroline IWR
3. caroline Skydiving onto the library roof
4. caroline Dark blue
5. Grouper Unclean mind
6. Grouper Ode to the blue
7. Grouper Basement Mix
8. Grouper Kelso (Blue sky)
9. Jeff Parker Suffolk
10. Jamire Williams Pause in His Presence (feat. Lisa E. Harris & Sam Gendel)
11. Jamire Williams For the Youth (feat. Corey King)
12. Ben LaMar Gay Oh Great Be the Lake
13. Ben LaMar Gay Slightly Before the Dawn
14. Ben LaMar Gay I Once Carried a Blossom (feat A.Martinez)
15. Ben LaMar Gay In Tongues and in Droves (feat. Tomeka Reid
16. Dialect Opal
17. Satomimagae Dango (Colloid Version)
18. Mabe Fratti + Concepción Huerta Descomposiciones Resonantes
19. Mabe Fratti + Concepción Huerta Estática
20. Mabe Fratti + Concepción Huerta Mar de Voces
21. Jenny Hval Jupiter
22. Ichiko Aoba Prologue
23. Ichiko Aoba Pilgrimage
24. Ichiko Aoba Chi no Kaze