Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Cate Le Bon Dirt on the Bed
2. Cate Le Bon Cry Me Old Trouble
3. Cate Le Bon Remembering Me
4. Cate Le Bon Wheel
5. Big Thief Flower of Blood
6. Big Thief Blurred View
7. Big Thief Wake Me Up to Drive
8. Big Thief Simulation Swarm
9. caroline Good morning (red)
10. caroline IWR
11. caroline Skydiving onto the library roof
12. caroline Natural death
13. Eric Chenaux Hello, How and Hey
14. Eric Chenaux Say Laura
15. Eric Chenaux There They Were
16. EXEK Unseasonable Warmth
17. EXEK Sen Yen for 30 Min of Violin
18. EXEK Beyond Currency
19. Keeley Forsyth Limbs
20. Keeley Forsyth Land Animal
21. Keeley Forsyth Wash