Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Naima Bock Giant Palm
2. Naima Bock Toll
3. Naima Bock Campervan
4. Naima Bock Dim Dum
5. Gwenno Tresor
6. Gwenno Tonnow
7. Gwenno Porth la
8. Lucrecia Dalt No tiempo
9. Lucrecia Dalt Atemporal
10. Anna Butterss Doo Wop
11. Anna Butterss Rich in Dextrose
12. Anna Butterss Number One
13. Anna Butterss Limitations and Dogma
14. Makaya McCraven Seventh String
15. Makaya McCraven Dream Another
16. Carlos Niño & Friends Actually (with Deantoni Parks, Jamael Dean and Nate Mercereau)
17. Carlos Niño & Friends Youwillgetthroughthis, I promise (with Jamael Dean)
18. Carlos Niño & Friends WaterWavesArrival (with Jesse Peterson)
19. Carlos Niño & Friends Youwillgetthroughthis with Koto (with Jesse Peterson)
20. Jacken Elswyth Scene 1, after Hobart Smith
21. Jacken Elswyth Scene 2, after Dock Boggs
22. Jacken Elswyth Scene 6, after Margaret Barry
23. The Cat's Miaow Hollow Inside
24. The Cat's Miaow Light the Beacon
25. The Cat's Miaow You Know It's True
26. The Cat's Miaow What Time Is It There?
27. Ben Woods Fame
28. Ben Woods Trace Reel
29. Ben Woods The Strip
30. Nina Nastasia This Is Love
31. Nina Nastasia Ask Me