Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Hydroplane New Monotonic FM
2. Tresa Leigh Until Then
3. YL Hooi Always in Jokes
4. Voice Actor Minefields
5. Laurel Halo Belleville
6. Lisa Lerkenfeldt Stairway To The Interior
7. CV & JAB Lands Of Permanent Mist
8. Ulla Creepy Girl
9. Martyna Basta Fragile
10. Piotr Kurek Harps
11. Kirk Barley Land Of Gold
12. Grouper I’m Clean Now
13. Rat Heart Ensemble The Relevant Elephant
14. Cindy Lee Just For Loving You I Pay The Price
15. Jonnine Blissfully Unaware (Of You)
16. Sibylle Baier I Lost Something In The Hills
17. Jessica Pratt Fare Thee Well
18. Joanne Robertson Little Talkin Do You Know
19. Flaer The Hill
20. Anja Lauvdal No Gods Only Flowers
21. Svitlana Nianio Episode III
22. Man Rei Starclimb
23. Alliyah Enyo when my mind is quiet i drift 2 u *water2wine*
24. Mondlane Solstice
25. Laurel Halo Reading The Air
26. KMRU Along A Wall
27. Rat Heart + The Peanuts Pam's Plants Full Of Ants